Concrete Polishing Services in Washington, D.C

Transform and upgrade the look of your floor with our concrete polishing services for a sustainable, durable, and low-maintenance design.


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Our Concrete Polishing Division

Refine the look of your concrete floors!

Our concrete polishing division specializes in high quality, resilient concrete polishing throughout the DMV for commercial construction projects. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and follow the Diamatic ULTRAFLOR System. This is a multi-step, performance-driven process proven to give best results for achieving your specialized level of appearance. Whether you need existing concrete polished, or a freshly poured topping slab, Casey will deliver.


Our product is covered by a 10 year Warranty and 1 Year Warranty for Workmanship.

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We are proud members of ABC, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc and WBC, Washington Building Congress. We have high standards for the safety of our employees, which as earned us the ABC National Safety Excellence Award for three years running.
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We are the only Certified Elite Installers of Combimix in the DMV. These products provide industry leading quality that improves durability, longevity, sound management, fire resistance and more. Paired with our experienced installers, Combimix helps us to continue to improve our services.
“Casey Construction has been a truly great and reliable partner. Their office and field team combine to provide great overall management and required communication to get done on schedule and budget. As one of the most reliable and trustworthy partners I have worked with in industry they are always looking for ways to get better. It is clear they take pride in everything they do and look forward to working with them for years to come.”
Gary Stewart – Gilbane, National Client Manager
“Casey Construction continuously goes above and beyond industry standard when it comes to quality and finished product. They consistently check their work as it gets completed, fixing any issues before they make it to the punchlist. Their office staff is excellent, helping during the pre-construction, construction and close-out phases. When we need a contractor that we can count on, we call Casey Construction!”
Scott Decker- HITT Contracting, Senior Project Manager
““Casey Construction has done many floor leveling projects for me over the years. Their crews perform their work to a level that we need in the law firms division. The foreman coordinates with other trades to minimize conflicts, and are good to work with. Look forward to each time Casey does our leveling.””
Jim Nirich- HITT Contracting, Vice President of Site Operations

The Many Benefits
of Concrete Polishing

Why Polished Concrete? It is cost-effective, low maintenance, stain resistant, durable, and eco-friendly. Polishing concrete also improves reflectivity and ambient lighting, which will make your building stand out against the rest.

Ecofriendly Products and andPractices

When polishing existing concrete, you eliminate additional materials such as floor coverings and coatings, which creates a more sustainable building. Most importantly for LEED contribution, concrete floors do not emit VOCs and can be finished with low VOC sealers.
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